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Utrecht Central Station


Situated at the very heart of the Netherlands, Utrecht is easy to reach by air, rail and road. From Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, trains depart to Utrecht’s Central Station every 10 minutes, and the journey takes about 30 minutes.

Utrecht is also a key hub in the European rail network.

Utrecht Region Pass

Public transport card: Utrecht Region Pass

Utrecht Region Pass makes travelling convenient and carefree. Travel throughout the Netherlands without the hassle of needing to buy multiple time limited chip cards! The Utrecht Region Pass is a ready-to-use, travel card that provides seamless access to all public transport and selected destinations in the Netherlands. This way you can travel and pay with one card only, without time limitation throughout the Netherlands, using any type of public transport.

Additionally, you can use the pass to visit the most valued destinations and places of interest within the province of Utrecht.

  1. Register and pre-order your personal card before your departure to the Netherlands.
  2. At Schiphol airport, pick up your card at Café Rembrandt in arrival hall 1 (open from 9 am to midnight). There, the travel card will be linked to your credit card.
  3. The card will charge your credit card as you check in, and check out.
  4. In your account, you can check your trip report and see what you spent.
  5. Upon your return, drop off your cards at Café Rembrandt where your credit card will be disconnected from the card.

For detailed information on the Dutch public transport, time schedules and how to use your Utrecht Region Pass or the regular public transport chip cards, see this Dutch public transport page.