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Abstracts and poster presentations

A record number of abstracts has been submitted for ECU2020, and the convention research committee, appointed by the ECCRE Research Council, has accepted 44, from 12 different countries.

Of these, 17 have been selected for oral presentation in plenary sessions:

  • A discussion of the accreditation role of Councils on Chiropractic Education: The educational journey from craft to profession – Stanley Innes
  • What do Danish chiropractors treat? A cross-sectional study of website claims related to diagnoses and treatment of non-musculoskeletal conditions – Rikke K Jensen
  • Can the Young Spine Questionnaire serve as a tool to distinguish between adolescents with consequential or trivial spinal pain? – Brigitte Wirth
  • Musculoskeletal pain distribution in 1,000 Danish schoolchildren aged 8 – 16 years – Signe Fuglkjær
  • Association of Functional Movement Screen task scores with joint range-of-motion availability: a construct validity study in university student-athletes – Cesar A Hincapié
  • Influence of contextual factors on patient outcomes following conservative low back pain treatment: a systematic review – Bronwyn Sherriff
  • Effect of biomechanical versus sham footwear on osteoarthritis knee pain: the BIOTOK randomized clinical trial – Stephan Reichenbach
  • Chiropractors trained in a university with a medical faculty, do they adhere to chiropractic conservatism? – Casper Glissmann Nim
  • Changes in Pressure Pain Threshold Following Spinal Manipulation is Dependent on Segmental Specificity and Clinical Improvement – Casper Glissmann Nim
  • A systematic review of observational studies on the prevalence and locations of chronic musculoskeletal pain in residential aged care – Katie De Luca
  • Ten years of online incident reporting and learning using CPiRLS: Evaluation of reporting practices – Mark Thomas
  • Ten years of online incident reporting and learning using CPiRLS: Characterising the nature of reported incidents – Mark Thomas
  • Psychophysical assessment of spinal excitability and descending pain modulation – do sensory afferents from deep tissues differ? – Laura Sirucek
  • The Professional Contribution of Chiropractors to Danish elite football clubs; A qualitative study – Corrie Myburgh
  • Fear avoidance beliefs in pain-free adults are associated with restricted lumbar spine motion during object lifting. A protective mechanism? – Michael Meier
  • Association between objectively measured physical behaviour and neck- and/or low back pain: a systematic review – Cecilie K Øverås
  • Disc degeneration and uneven intervertebral motion sharing in patients with neck pain and healthy controls: A cross-sectional cohort study – Jonathan Branney

All the abstracts will be displayed on poster boards at the Welcome reception, and during conference breaks, when you will be able not only to view them, but exchange views one-to-one with the authors.